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Other Details

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Volunteer opportunities

A race of this magnitude is not feasible without a large number of volunteers.  If you have friends, family members, acquaintances, enemies, etc. that might be willing to help out, please have them sign up via this Volunteer Link.

Runner Info Pack

Drop Bags

There will be bins at the start line for depositing drop bags.  Bins will be marked by aid station number.  Once the race starts, the drop bags will be delivered to the appropriate aid station.  Drop bags must be marked on the outside with your full name.  If you will have liquids in your drop bag, they MUST be in a ziplock bag or other bag that will not leak..  Each aid station will also contain a bin marked “Done”.  Once you are ready for your drop bag to go back to the finish line, place it in the “Done” bin.  Drop bags will be returned to the Finish Line throughout the day.  Please be patient as this process sometimes takes time.​

RunGo App for Course Directions

There will be a few directional signs on the course but only marking the most confusing turns.  We are using the RunGo app to provide voice turn by turn directions along the entire route.  Runners will all need to download the RunGo app to avoid getting lost.  We recommend downloading the app and giving it a try prior to race day.  Let us know if you experience any difficulties with the download or use of the app.  Download the app here:

Crewing Information

Click the link to view driving directions to all aid stations and other details for race crews

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