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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is there a cut off time?

A: Yes, twelve (12) hours.

Q: What if I can't finish in twelve hours?

A: There will be a 5:00 am start for 50 mile runners that are concerned about making the 12 hour cutoff. All early starters MUST wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight.

Q: Can we have a Support Crew?

A: Yes, but they must abide by all Crew Rules and Regulations (to be distributed closer to race date).

Q: Are Pacers allowed?

A: Yes as long as they do not interfere with the progress of any other runners

Q: Where are the portable toilets?

A: There will be portable toilets at or very near to each aid station

Q: How is the course marked?

A: There will be a few signs marking confusing turns.  We strongly recommend downloading the RunGo app which will provide turn by turn voice directions throughout the course.  You can also download the GPX file on the Course Info page if you prefer that option. Use this QR code to download the RunGo app:

Q: Will there be chip timing?

A: No, we are old school.  We will have staff at the finish line tracking everyone's finish time.

Q: What's the weather like in Nashville this time of year?

A: Great question.  While the weather is normally rather mild at the end of October, it can swing drastically.

  • Average High is 69

  • Average Low is 47

  • High in 2019 was 69

  • Low in 2019 was 41

  • High in 2020 was 85 (told you it could swing drastically)

  • Low in 2020 was 58

  • Average rainfall minimal

Q: Are there many hills?
A: Yes! There are a number of rolling hills miles 2-20. There is one very steep hill around mile 17. The Shelby Park end of the Cumberland Pedestrian Bridge is fairly steep.  Both ends of the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge are pretty steep. The remainder of the course is relatively flat (by Nashville standards).

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